Hotel Workers Rising  

About two weeks ago I met John Edwards. I had the opportunity to me Elizabeth Edwards a few years ago during the campaign, but never John. I didn't really care to ever meet him. I didn't care too much for him.


Then I went to yearlyKos. I met some amazing people. My idol, Nathan Newman which had me fawning, no, I kid you not! No, sentence, full uttered. Yeah, it was something like that. I looked like a stalker. But the most amazing thing at the convention happened to be the Hotel Workers Rising.

So, you've suffered and read all the way to this point and you have no idea what YearlyKos, hotel workers rising and John Edwards have to do with each other? I suppose this would be the point where I'd explain. So, let me explain.

Okay, so this is one of my smaller ones. Fingers are crossed, please work!!

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