Are They Serious?  

I am a strike watcher. It’s true. I watch and see the trends. Companies and non-profits who feel secure that the workers can be replaced or won’t win support do all sorts of things like Smithfield’s firing of workers who are injured or my latest example, locking out nurses when they try to return to work after they had been out 2 days on strike.

But the way the facility brought in scabs really makes me sick…

Several of the hospitals said they signed contracts of two to five days with temporary staffing services for replacement nurses. Before the strike began Oct. 10, management was recruiting replacement nurses from as far away as Ohio. One flier, sent to nurses in Ohio and obtained by CNA/NNOC, offered “up to $90” per hour, airfare or other transportation to the Bay Area and stays in luxury accommodations in San Francisco. Minutes from the San Francisco shopping centers and downtown attractions. You are driven to the hospital from your luxury hotel.

The nurses were striking for patient care while the hospital is offering $90 an hour to scabs? Are they serious?

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  • One Small Voice  
    5:30 PM

    Call me capitalist, but what's the problem?

    If the hospital wants to replace it workers and hire new ones, why shouldn't they be allowed to? After all, workers can quit, so shouldn't businesses be allowed to fire?

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