Casino Workers Unite for Dignity AND Respect!!  

So, my parents love to gamble. Mostly, they just like to hit the slots. A few years back, I sent them on a small trip for their anniversary and on that trip, they decided to stop at Foxwoods.

Connecticut's largest employer , Foxwood casino who has been
fighting a recent NLRB decision to allow a vote to allow Union
representation , has had it's dealers vote YES for UNION .

CN's largest employer and it's not even on Connecticut land, it's on tribal land. That is how the tribe decided to fight the organizing drive...

The regional office had rejected the Mashantuckets' argument that tribal employment law has jurisdiction in the matter.

"We are disappointed with the preliminary tally, however, these results will not be official until all legal issues, including jurisdiction, are resolved," said John O'Brien, the casino's president. "We continue to believe as we have from the very beginning that the labor board lacked jurisdiction and that any election should have been governed by tribal laws."

The Washington Post buried the real story about this organizing effort in nearly the last paragraph of the article...

"Casino dealers at Foxwoods came together because we deserve to be treated with dignity and respect," said dealer Sherry Lee, a member of the union organizing committee, in a written statement. "Our success is an example of what can be accomplished when people work together. Casino dealers sent a clear message today. We are united, regardless of race, ethnicity or language."

Read her note again, does she ever mention money? Does Sherry mention that they aren't paid enough or need better benefits? Pay and benefits are a part of respect but it's the phrase DIGNITY and RESPECT that's so important in her written statement. If Foxwoods respected its employees and treated them with the dignity that they deserve, the UAW might not have been successful organizing this casino. Now, for the hard part, negotiating a contract. Wonder how long it will take to get the tribe to sit down and negotiate a contract. Should I hold my breath?

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