Civil Rights and Union Activism  

They've been interwined for much of the time I've studied Labor rights. Owners and Bosses have always tried to use color and gender to divide us, unions stood up and integrated because they knew that together we are strong.

So, when I got this in my e-mail from UNITE-HERE, I cried, had a moment of silence and then started to write away.

Statement from UNITE HERE on the Passing of Reverend James E. Orange, Civil Rights Leader and Union Organizer

UNITE HERE mourns the loss of Rev. James E. Orange, a leader in the civil rights and labor movements and a fighter for working people.

"James was the real connection between the labor and civil rights movements in the South," explains UNITE HERE General President Bruce Raynor. "He personally built the bridge between the two movements for progressive change in the Southern States from the 1960s through today. Person by person, meeting by meeting, march by march, thousands of current and former UNITE HERE members owe James a debt for helping organize workers, win fights and inspire us all."

May your journey to your next life be as inspired as your life.


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