Living in a Will Rogers Quote  

So, I'm popping out of the pool yesterday in the building and this knock on the window starts, scaring the crap out of me. Yep, it someone I know. Surprise, Surprise!

So, he goes on to say that we're having a State-wide convention on May 3rd and that my name has come up in relation to having a Labor/Union Caucus along with someone else (a guy I know and respect as he's a brother in the Teamsters).

Well, that's cool. I know that I'd heard about the talk in relation to this convention, but I have to ask myself, how the hell is this being organized. We're two months out and I'm being asked now, at the Pool window?

And after thinking about all of this, I realize that I'm living in a Will Rogers quote, "I don't belong to any organized Party, I'm a Democrat."

Will, I'm with you. And apparently so is the party I belong to, your party.


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