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I was reading a recent e-news e-mail and noticed they had a hint on where to buy union made mugs that I wanted to pass on to readers.

First up is K&R. From their site:

K&R Industries is one of the country's largest suppliers of USA Made and Union Made goods. This gives us tremendous purchasing power and ensures that our orders receive priority handling from all our manufacturers.

We take great pride in our commitment to America’s Union Labor, and support union businesses wherever possible. K&R Industries is a union shop and our employees understand the quality and craftsmanship that comes through union labor.

Sure would have been nice if Yearlykos (nka Netroots Nation) had encouraged that items in totes (as well as the totes) be union made. I ripped out the Made in (not USA) label as soon as I could. I would have preferred not to receive one than to receive one that wasn't union made at a Freaking Progressive Bloggers Conference!!

Now, in case the art work is a little tame, you've got to head over to Imagepointe, they're freaking amazing. None of these are my local (or formal local). If they were, I'd buy. In fact the printing is images are really freaking amazing. Take a look and see. And to be clear, Imagepointe is:


And yep, that's from their site!


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