DC Council Says It's Okay For Sick Servers to Wait On YOU!!  

Today is a sad day. Not only is the NAFTA queen being called the comeback kid, but DC City Council voted on Tuesday to say Fuck You to waitresses and Health Care workers in the city.

Yep, that's right, please remember to thank

Harry Thomas Jr. (Ward 5)
Mary Cheh (Ward 3)
Kwame Brown (At-Large, I guess I should expect this from a former Wal-Mart executive)
Yvette Alexander (Ward 7, WTF Yvette?)
Vincent Gray (Council Chair)
Jack Evans (Ward 2)
David Catania (At-Large-Independent former Republican)

For Voting their Fuck You to DC workers.

From DC's Metro Washington Labor Council:

With an estimated 200,000 workers in DC who do not currently get paid sick time, with high concentrations in low-wage food service, retail, and construction -- including part-time workers and workers in seasonal positions - sick leave advocates say many DC workers may now never meet the one-year full-time minimum to access paid sick and safe time.

I do taxes as a volunteer in DC. I sit across from the table and look at the financial picture of worker after worker after worker. What is the most disgusting part of yesterday's vote is that they could have included servers and still did the ridiculous 12 months full time requirement and still taken them out of the mix, but Health Care workers? That's one aimed directly at single moms. It's aimed at the visiting nurses who aren't represented by a union, the certified nursing assistants, homehealth aides, mental health aides, etc... These are the lowest paid health workers out there. And I do their taxes. They make less than $30k a year working full time when they do work full time. Most do not. Most work multiple jobs and all of them are part time.

So, thank you Carol Schwartz for pushing this measure (I can't believe I'm thanking a Republican), but to the unanimous support the final bill recieved, shame on DC Council. Shame on each and every one of you for voting the Fuck You to DC workers.


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