Developing Blogger Training  

Like most bloggers I know, I'm self taught. This should help explain why there isn't a sinlge RSS feed for my site or some of the graphical representations you see on other sites. In essence, I'm just not knowledgeable enough to expand my site to include those things, yet.

So, perhaps there are unions out there who'd like to see our content grow to provide better information and connections to their unions through empowering us to be better bloggers and better able to garnish more hits from that blogging. I've come to this hope based on the recent AFL-CIO training for their member unions:

MAXIMIZING UNION WEBSITE POWER: Dozens of webmasters from area union locals gathered at the AFL-CIO early Friday morning to learn how to get the most out of their local union websites. The training – hosted by the Metro Council and the International Labor Communications Association – gave attendees simple tips for keeping website content current and interesting, understanding your target audiences, using your website to mobilize your membership, best practice examples of union websites from across the country, and other issues. Future trainings will be scheduled for local unions that missed Friday’s training or are looking to start a new website.

So, now, I wonder if there are enough of us union bloggers to do a similar type of program, say a union bloggers site building conference or maybe a "union bloggers: bringing more hits to life" kind of theme. I know that I would find such a discussion very valuable, especially if I could bring my laptop and blog while doing all the exercises. I mean, there's only so much I can gleen from W3C before I go batty.


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