Globe and Mail Nail Hillary on NAFTA-gate  

From the Globe and Mail

Since 75 per cent of Canadian exports go to the U.S., Mr. Obama and Ms. Clinton's musings about reopening the North American free-trade pact had caused some concern.

Mr. Brodie downplayed those concerns.

"Quite a few people heard it," said one source in the room.

"He said someone from (Hillary) Clinton's campaign is telling the embassy to take it with a grain of salt. . . That someone called us and told us not to worry."

Government officials did not deny the conversation took place.

Then this bright smilie piece of the puzzle

But others said the content of Mr. Brodie's remarks was passed on to CTV's Washington bureau and their White House correspondent set out the next day to pursue the story on Ms. Clinton's apparent hypocrisy on the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Although CTV correspondent Tom Clark mentioned Ms. Clinton in passing, the focus of his story was on assurances from the Obama camp.

He went to air on Feb. 27 with a report that the Democratic front-runner had given advance notice to Canadian diplomats that he was about to engage in some anti-NAFTA rhetoric, but not to take it too seriously.

So, Mrs. Clinton, when you gonna lie to hard working Americans again? Today? Perhaps tomorrow? Clearly, the Globe and Mail know exactly who you are Mrs. Clinton:

Clinton used the story to cast him [Obama] as a double-talking hypocrite — winking and nudging at Canadians while making contrary promises to American voters.

I know, you loved NAFTA once so you could say you don't love it now; problem is that you still love it and you don't give a damn about voters in my homestate...OHIO!

Somehow, this just isn't a surprise to me at all.


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