It's going no where.  

That's the word from the UAW.

I have a suggestion for the negotiators. No CEO, manager, worker or anyone employed through American Axle can make more than 20% more than the lowest paid worker. And if you think of outsourcing, those employees would also be included to ensure that everyone is paid a fair rate for a day's work.

So, Mr. Dauch, that would mean that you would make on average (if using the average $28 an hour salary as the minimum) of $70,000. That's a huge difference from the kind of money that you are pulling in according to

So, Mr. Dauch, what I'd like to know is how much of a difference then would it make on the overall bottom line for this corporation for you to take a paycut that would equalize your income relative to that of your employees.


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  • Cliff  
    7:32 PM

    20 X not 20%
    You and I would not take the job for 20%.

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