Let's Do Something Green  

About 18 months ago, I sold my car. I live in a city and decided that it was time for me to cut the cord and go car-free.

I did it for a number of reasons.

  1. To save on gas. I had a Ford Focus Station Wagon and loved it. I got incredible mileage for a domestically made car (I'll include the Mexican and Canadian parts in Domestic for this one) with mostly city driving miles. On average I'd get about 30 miles to the gallon. I filled the car up once every two weeks, but I could do better if I could just give up the car, so I did.
  2. To use metro more. I live in the city, so I need to utilize public transportation more.
  3. To lose weight. I thought I'd walk more. I do, but your body gets used to that, figures. Now, I've got to go back to using the gym in the building.
  4. To save money. This should probably have been first. No gas, no insurance, no maintenance costs. I know that when I look at my checking account, I can see the difference from not owning a car.

Now, doing this has meant some sacrifices. For instance, we can't just get up and go. No random weekend trips any longer unless it's metro or Amtrak accessible. We also can't go on random shopping trips. I need a new TV, but I keep shopping around on the net because I can't do that by car now. No going out for dinner or visiting friends who don't live near a metro.

There have been a lot of sacrifices, but what I get for doing all of this, besides a savings in my pocketbook is that I also have been able now to live more locally. It's one small contribution I've made to trying to live green. Which now brings me to the reason for posting this at all.

Living and working Green.

Disney has a contest on Living Green which ends on 3/31/08. If you, your union, your company or anyone you know has made changes to lessen your overall impact on the environment, let Disney know!! You can even check out the rules, just to make sure your idea qualifies.

Now, let's GREEN IT UP!


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