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We can talk about this election day in and day out, but where are we really? We’re still talking.

Meanwhile, Southwest Airlines is fined for safety inspections and the FAA is going to check all Airline maintenance records. And yet, still we argue. Americans are losing their homes, we're in a recession, jobs are hard to fine, major low cost airline fined the largest fine in US history, American Axle is on strike and causing the closure of 28 GM factories and on DKos, we continue to argue about Wright or Clinton stepping aside or can Obama win. But, when are we going to get off our asses and do something?

Help me do something about American Axle. Together, we can help these strikers. Together, we can help their families.

Families like...

I have so much to say but the message boards only allow you 500 or 1000 characters. This whole situation is really getting out of control. I really do not think I will ever walk thru the turnstiles of American Axle again. This is now a pissin contest and I think Mr. Dauch will win. He has pocket Aces and the UAW is holding those Kings thinking that he has nothing. I am going to start posting my thoughts on the strike and the UAW as much as I can. I know that no one cares what I have to say but it is coming from a view point of someone that is a realist and not a dreamer. I love working for American Axle I started there right after my 19th birthday. It makes me sad to think I may never work there again.

Hear the words of his kids:

Understand that this is an important issue for not only American Axle, but also for GM. There are 28 GM plants closed, 37,000 workers out of work and now, there are other plants working half time so that they can at least stay at work.

What happens when you put in 14 years and watch everything you've worked so hard to make into something be brushed aside while the CEO makes 9 million to run your plants into the ground?

As bad as this is, there is something you can do. There is something that we can all do.

Write your LOCAL papers a letter to the editor.

American Axle is a national company. The more local press, the better. Local stories are the ones that matter because all things are local. And it's these small local stories that make it into the major stories and this should be a major story for every American.

Call your local Radio and TV broadcasters

Ask them what they’ve done on this story. Let them know you want more info and you want to know how a family can survive on a 50% cut in wages.

Blog about it on your site.

Joe's Union Review
Union Review
Future of the Unions
World Socialist Web Site
Brother J (Dkos diarist wrote a post on the strike on his site)

Let's add your voice to this short list of active American Axle UAW strike bloggers. And if you post a vid to Youtube on the strike, let me know so I can link to it as well.

And probably the most important suggestion I have,

Write and call the UAW and let them know you support the strikers.

You can also contact UAW locals 262 and 235 as well as Region 1.

Local 262
LIVONIA, Michigan 48150-1037
Phone #: 734-464-2190

Local 235
Address: 1840 HOLBROOK ST
Detroit, Michigan 48212-3442
Phone #: 313-873-7250

Region 1
27800 George Merrelli Drive
Warren, MI 48092
TEL: (586) 427-9200
FAX: (586) 427-7142

9 million reasons to support strikers

Stop this American Tragedy

IF you're a worker near any of these plants, perhaps you can join Lori Gray

Please, let's just got off our asses and DO SOMETHING. Don't let American Axle become an American Tragedy.


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