Aramark, You Guys Suck  

I've been following the heinous actions of Aramark for a while, but hadn't noticed this story on striking Aramark workers in Canada:

Hundreds Rally to End Violence against Striking Aramark Workers in Canada
UNITE HERE cafeteria and janitorial staff who work for Aramark at Seneca College's Markham campus near Toronto went out on strike on March 10th. Since that time, striking workers and their supporters on the legal picket lines have been repeatedly hit by cars entering campus. The York Region Police have been called to the picket line after the incidents, charges have been filed, and police are still investigating.

"What we're fighting for is a fair first contract," said Andy Chiu who works for Aramark at the college on the overnight cleaning shift and was struck by a vehicle. "We've worked hard serving food and cleaning this campus for the students. This company makes a lot of money, and we're simply asking for a living wage and to be treated with dignity and respect. No one deserves to be hit by a car for that."

The workers have been asking the foodservice giant to address low wages and benefits and want equity with other Aramark workers at Seneca College. After more than 8 months of bargaining and on the eve of a strike deadline, Aramark responded with a paltry 1.25% wage increase - or less than 10 cents an hour for most staff.

"We are simply asking Aramark to bring wages and benefits in line with other Aramark workers at Seneca," said Alex Dagg, Director of UNITE HERE's Ontario Council. "Aramark has refused to address these concerns and these workers are now showing, by putting their very safety on the line at this picket line, that they will continue to stand up for fair working conditions."

Many students have also been actively supporting the striking workers, signing petitions, spending time on the picket line and bringing warm drinks.

"The striking Aramark workers are the ones who make sure we can study in a safe, clean environment and prepare and serve food on campus," said Andrew Robinson, a first year student. "They deserve our respect and our support."

Don't worry, they aren't the only Aramark employees out on strike, CBS' cafeteria is as well

Cafeteria Workers Walk Out on Strike at CBS, Vow Not to Return Until Food Service Provider Aramark Settles Fair Contract with Them
On March 27th, Aramark workers at CBS Headquarters walked out on strike. The workers have been without a contract since November 14, 2007. The average Aramark worker there has 9 years on the job and takes home just over $400 per week.

"These workers work hard to serve the staff of one of the largest communications companies in the world. Yet, many of them struggle to make ends meet. They're not asking for a lot - they just want enough to provide a decent life for their families," said Bill Granfield, President of UNITE HERE Local 100, which represents food service workers across New York City. By contrast, CBS Executive Chairman Sumner Redstone made more than $16 million last year.

The strike is the latest in a string of labor disputes at Aramark cafeterias in recent months. Late last year, food service workers at the New York Life building and 55 Water Street went on strike and spent 3 months on the picket line before Aramark finally agreed to a decent contract. On March 4th of this year, 35 Aramark cafeteria workers at two Bank of New York locations went on strike and have yet to return to their jobs. Aramark workers at the Fashion Institute of Technology have also voted to strike.

My fingers are crossed for Aramark employees. I'd like them to realize higher wages and better pay, because $400 a week just doesn't go anywhere, and in NYC, it goes almost no where.


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