Frustrated but maybe, Progress?  

At least that's what the Detroit Free Press is reporting, some progress:

Enough progress has been made for the UAW to call off a rally slated for today in Hart Plaza, which was viewed as an encouraging sign that the strike by 3,650 workers at four American Axle plants would end soon.

"We are ready to go back to work," said Anthony Jones, a 51-year-old single father and an American Axle production worker for 13 years. "But at least we want it to be fair."

Fair would be nice, I'll keep my fingers crossed, but until then, I'm with Lisa

Lisa Akra of Plymouth Township, who left a job at Rock Financial to become a machinist at American Axle, said she feels frustrated hearing word that a deal could be reached soon and then hearing that it might take more time.

"It's desperate mode now for most people," she said, noting that the strike is in its eighth week. Strikers get $200 a week from a UAW fund. "We didn't expect to be out this long."

Too many are in desperate mode. Some onf Dick, bargain in good faith for once!!

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