GM to Shut Lordstown On Tuesday  

Looks like it's official as of the 11th that Tuesday may see the end of opearations at the Lordstown plant until the American Axle strike is over and parts are being made and sent again. From the Mahoning County Tribune Chronicle

Dave Green, president of United Auto Workers Local 1714 of the Lordstown Metal Center plant, said management told him Thursday afternoon the estimate for running out of a brake part had been moved to Tuesday from the previous estimate of April 18.

Green said he’s scheduled to meet management at 9 a.m. today to get more details about how the situation may develop.

The Metal Center stamps and fabricates steel body parts for the small cars built at the next-door assembly plant. Some of the plant’s 1,000 hourly workers may stay on the job to make parts to bring inventory levels up to required levels, Green noted.

A UAW Local 1112 handout at that plant on Monday stated the factory was second in priority to GM’s Fairfax, Kan., plant for closure if the strike at American Axle continues. No update on the assembly outlook was available Thursday.

Anyone taking bets on when Dick Dauch is going to take his head out of his ass and bargain in good faith?


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