Good and Bad  

Someone mentioned to me yesterday that labor news lately is all bad news. I actually think that the nature of “news” is often “bad” in general. I’m a blogger, I don’t have the time to do human interest pieces. I try to find what I think others want to read, often, I just act as a clearinghouse.

But the comment on “good” labor news got me to thinking. And that thinking, means that I’ll be posting pieces soon on things I love about labor, including the work that groups like Hard Hatted Women are doing. But I’m also now going to post a labor history item that I think can help remind us where the prize really is, it’s in our history and it’s also right in front of our eyes.

So, today’s labor history moment is:

United Mine Workers of America win 8 hour day (1898)

Rock on United Mine Workers!!


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