411 On Blogging!! Free Event in DC, May 3rd!!  

And one more reminder,


DC DEMS GATHER SATURDAY: More than 500 District activists are expected to turn out Saturday for the DC Democratic State Committee Convention, the first held in many years. The day long event features nearly two dozen workshops on topics including DC Voting Rights, Getting Politically Active Online, 411 on Blogging (with a focus on union blogging), Party Building, Politics & Religion, Trade & Politics and Political Fundraising. There will also be programs by nearly a dozen Constituency Caucuses, including labor, where Metro Washington Council President Jos Williams will facilitate a discussion from 11:30A to 12:30P on the “Role of Labor in Expanding Political Participation,” assessing the importance and role of organized labor in the political process and “exploring ways in which organized labor can expand political participation and accountability at ward, city and national levels.” Panelists include Cynthia Kane (SEIU), Earl O'Neal (AFSCME Council 20) and Nathan Saunders (Washington Teachers Union). Click here for more details and to register.

See you all tomorrow!!

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  • Richard  
    12:43 PM

    I wanted to say thank you for inviting me to part of this exciting workshop. I hope that those who participated got as much out of this as I did.

    Aside from that, I truly enjoyed Joe, Jimmy, Tula and your company.

    And ... Happy Birthday :)

    -Richard /UR

  • Joe638NYC  
    1:08 PM

    Yes indeed, it was a great experience, thank you very much for inviting me, I was truly honored to be there. It was a great presentation. The feeling of how we are all unified was amazing.

    You did all the footwork and on your birthday with your parents making a visit in town, you got your butt out there and still accomplished this event, you are a great person and a true labor activist. great job and Happy Birthday,

    Thanks again,

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