Let's Nominate Kongsberg Automotive and American Axle to the Corporate Hall of Shame!  

We can work together to stop corporate abuses, but we have to do it together. In that spirit, I'd recommend we all nominate my favorite "screw" the worker companies of the day, American Axle and Kongsberg Automotive.

Here's the current list of nominees:

The Nominees
Archer Daniels Midland for making Indonesia the world’s worst contributor to global warming (after the U.S. and China) through its clearing of endangered forests and wildlife habitat for palm oil plantations. Read more.

BlackWater for killing unarmed Iraqi civilians, hiring paramilitaries trained under military dictatorships, and using its close political and financial ties with the Bush Administration to secure lucrative contracts. Read more.

Countrywide for predatory mortgage lending to elderly and non-English-speaking borrowers, and for gouging minority borrowers with discriminatory rates and fees. These actions have forced nearly a quarter of subprime borrowers into default, at the same time their CEO earned a $120 million salary. Read more.

Mattel for producing tens of millions of lead-contaminated toys and aggressively lobbying against bans on other highly toxic chemicals. Read more.

Nestle for numerous labor violations including child exploitation, contributing to the obesity epidemic, and threatening community water supplies for its bottled water brands. Read more.

Toyota for aggressively lobbying against increased fuel economy standards and state measures to reduce global warming gas emissions, while hypocritically spending millions to advertise its environmental leadership and popular Prius line. Read more.

Wal-Mart for displacing local businesses, failing to cover employees under the corporation’s health plan, and opposing legislation that would increase homeland security. Read more.

Wendy's for its contribution — as America’s third largest fast food franchise — to the growing childhood obesity and diabetes epidemics, and for refusing to meet nutritional labeling regulations. Read more.

Even though these are their current list of corporate slime, let's face it, there are lots more and right now on the top of my list are AMERICAN AXLE and KONGSBERG AUTOMOTOVE. And it would be absolutely fantastic if you'd give them some love, too. And head over to the Corporate Hall of Shame and push them in as write in candidates. I think they both deserve this honor.

Corporate Hall of Shame

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