McSame, Right On Child Labor, Right on First Responders  

Actually, this was a snarky post I found over on Dailykos that I thought was pretty straight forward and head on. Let me sample just a little of it:

Public schools provide free education for all youngsters. This has emptied the work houses of child labor, stripped the fields of able-bodied youths, and deprived assembly lines of nimble-fingered tots. As a result, we’ve had to either import all that controversial south of the border labor or outsource our child labor to China. The McCain solution: close public schools and put those kids back to work where they belong. Anyone who can afford to buy a private education can opt out of the system, thus supplying the next generation of Republicans. The program would be modeled on our current volunteer army, where those rich enough to avoid being blown up in Iraq can do so if they choose.

The nation has a shortage of nurses and police officers. These dangerous and difficult jobs are of course essential for our collective well-being, so the shortage is a serious matter. The culprit? Pensions. Overly generous pension benefits cause police and nurses to retire. McCain’s solution is simple. Strip nurses and police officers of their pensions, thus forcing them to stay on the job. Furthermore, McCain points to the virtuous circle effect: all that money otherwise destined to fund pension programs will instead line the pockets of hospital executives and Republican municipal politicians and eventually find its way into the coffers of the GOP.

Ah yes, McSame on the Straight Talk Express to NoWhere, again. Funny thing is, that all of this seems as if he's actually said it outloud, wait, I think he has. Take for instance the opening paragraph of this Dailykos Diary:

On this day honoring our war veterans, John McCain restated his opposition to providing vets with generous education benefits. If a veteran gets a free ride at, say, Dartmouth, where tuition is near $40k and whose president actively recruits service men and women, that vet won’t re-enlist. Your average veteran, McCain argues, would choose an idyllic campus set in pristine New Hampshire woodland over getting shot at and blown up in the toxic dust cloud of Iraq. This is the kind of good sense we’ve come to expect from the straight talker. Indeed his unimpeachable logic applies to a broad range of social programs long overdue for reform.

So, highly recommend you head over and read the entire thing. I laughed my ass off then felt like crying. Unfortunately, this is what we have to look forward to in the ensuing years if we some how let this man become President...more of the same and worse.

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