I never thought I'd recommend Michelle Malkin, but....  

If you've been keeping up with how the Associated Press has been bullying bloggers who publish excerpts from its work, you may have read about their new craptastic idea, which is to charge bloggers by the word. Lest you think this is extreme, well, the first four words are free.

Michelle Malkin makes an excellent point, in a hilarious piece where she calculates how much the AP owes her for reprinting parts of her posts, that it's not often an issue unites both the left- and right-wing blogosphere. From Daily Kos to Little Green Footballs, everyone is weighing in on this one. Malkin also links to some of the funnier posts from other blogs about the AP's latest inane idea. It's worth reading - you can find it by searching "Associated Press" on her website. Just as we don't link to AP around here, we don't link to Malkin either....

[Note: Thanks to Union Girl for letting me guest post on her blog. Hopefully you'll see me around here from time to time!]

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