Spain is Shutting Down Now  

From the Washington Post:

"We are the ones who move the goods that this country needs to keep working. If we stop because we haven't got the money to buy fuel then the country will stop," Julio Villascusa, president of the transport association Fenadismer, told Cadena SER radio.

Fenadismer said more than 90,000 drivers have been called to take part in the strike.

It's not just the truckers on strike (and they're blocking roads, as they should, it's a strike), but Fisherman are also protesting:

A strike by fishermen across Spain also protesting fuel costs has entered a second week. News reports said smaller boats that fish closer to the coast had now joined the protest, which began May 30.

The stoppages are part of Europe-wide protests against rising prices.

Fuel costs are hitting India hard, Europe, the US, who isn't being hit by this? And I have to sit back an ask, why haven't we come up with renewable technologies that don't pollute the environment before now? If we had, maybe this mess could have been avoided.

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