Supporting Atlantic City Casino Workers  

Union members from all over the country are descending on Atlantic City on the 21st to rally support for a UAW contract for casino workers.

DC will be sending buses with at least 5,000 DC area union activists for this effort:

…Last year in Atlantic City nearly 5,000 table game dealers and slot machine technicians organized at six casinos and the overwhelming majority at four of the casinos voted for the United Auto Workers. One year later these workers are still without a contract. The Atlantic City casino workers voted in the union “because, like so many workers, they have had their healthcare taken away, their wages have been steadily eroding, and their working conditions have deteriorated,” says UAW President Ron Gettelfinger. “Meanwhile, the casinos continue to reap huge profits and their executives have seen their compensation rise. The workers know that only a union contract will win them the respect and dignity on the job that they so richly deserve.” Click here for more details and to reserve your space on the bus

Let me know if your area is sending buses as well and I’ll post the busing info.

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