YES, We Can!  

Yes. We. Can. It's not just a theme or a rally cry, it can have even more meaning today. Today, we can do more than just support Obama and cheer a nomination long over due. We can do something about the tragic death of Maria Isabel Vasquez Jimenez.

Yes, we can, AS A COMMUNITY, we can do a very small act of solidarity...

We can express our sympathy to the family of Maria Isabel Vasquez Jimenez.

And yeah, doing it is important, to her family, to migrant farm workers all over this country and to me, a single person. It's worth just a few seconds of your time today.

From the United Farm Workers Union:

To date no one from the companies involved has had the decency to express condolences to Maria's family--not the farm labor contractor, not the company who owns the field where Maria labored, nor the wine distributor. There have been no letters, no one showed up at the funeral--nothing.

Please help us show Maria's family--including her grieving mother--the support from the community at large. Help us show her the impact Maria’s life and death had on strangers she never knew, people whose paths never crossed hers.

Please write a condolence note to Maria’s mother and family--a line or two will do--although you are welcome to write more. Help us show Maria’s mother that thousands of people recognize the value of Maria's life.

Maria was only 17 when she collapsed. 2 hours later, the subcontractor finally took her to the hospital after she was non-responsive. I have a hard time understanding how the harvesting of grapes can possibly be worth the life of a young woman. Together, we can tell the companies responsible for not caring for this young woman that abusing an employee is never acceptable. We can remind them that the least among us are not disposable; none of us are disposable. I believe that together, we can, YES, We Can do something for Maria. Together, we have a voice.

In case you’ve been a little preoccupied with the primary to learn about Maria and the tragedy surrounding her passing, I’d suggest reading one of the excellent diaries from Change to Win and TrueBlueMajority who have diarized the senseless death of Maria

Video: Speak Up and Demand Justice
The Preventable Death of Maria Isabel Vasquez Jimenez
Pregnant farmworker dies due to safety violations

We can’t bring her back, but we can say to her family that she will be missed, that she will be remembered. No, it’s not the same thing, but it’s the very least we can do.

You can express your condolences through the UFW.

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