Employee Free Choice Act Makes it Into the DC Platform!!  

Last night at the DC Democratic State Committee, members of the committee adopted an add-on measure to the DC platform. Added last night was an entire plank provided by Fred Allen. In addition, the body adopted language noting that it fully supports the right for workers to organize. To which they further noted their support for
passage of the Employee Free Choice Act. (okay, I'm cheering myself here, it was my measure!!)

There was significant debate on the measure and a number of "no" votes, however, it still passed!!! Whew!!

The most disturbing thing for me last night were the number of abstention votes from members of the body who seemed not to know about the Act or what it does for workers, despite my explanations. The Right Wing talking points for some reason resonated with some of the members, and these are pro-union democrats.

This weekend, Uniongal Blog will be hosting an Obama platform meeting on Labor: Finding Our Seat At the Table. Part of this discussion will focus on our talking points about the Employee Free Choice Act and how best to use them.

If you will be in DC and have not already done so, I urge you to sign up for the event. Use the "Listening" widget on the upper right hand corner of this blog.

I'm excited not only about an Obama victory this November, but also the ability of my brothers and sisters in labor to work toward representation for all workers. It really is as simple as as one of my favorite quote from Harry Bridges "The most important word in the language of the working class is `solidarity.'"

In Solidarity.

Kirsten Burgard

PS, I kind of lost it a little last night with a member of the committee who is anti-worker. I'd like to say that won't ever happen again, but let's face it, when it's something as important as organizing and having a voice in your workplace, I doubt I'll be able to hold back. So, yeah, I yelled, but at least I did ask him to step outside and beat the shit out of my fellow Democratic committee member. Oh and if I'd had that opportunity, I'd have been able to knock him down a few pegs. Clearly, that's not what I should be thinking about, but, there yuo have it. Even I can lose my cool. So, I'll be practicing my talking points this weekend. It's much better than beating them into someone else!!!

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