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So, also in my e-mail this morning is a story about the commencement at the National Labor College:

90 GRADUATE FROM LABOR COLLEGE: "Brothers and Sisters, this is where you take your degrees to wage the next battle of workers rights in this country," former presidential candidate John Edwards told the National Labor College (NLC) 2008 graduating class Saturday. "This is where you become our next leaders to fight for what working men and women need to get ahead." Edwards addressed more than 800 students and family members, union officials and elected leaders who attended the 10th annual commencement exercises on the NLC’s campus in Silver Spring, Maryland. The NLC conferred 76 bachelor's degrees in labor studies disciplines and American University handed out 14 Master of Science in Organization Development degrees as part if its graduate partnership with the NLC. "Ours is a college dedicated to service," said NLC president William E. Scheuerman, "to our members, to our communities, to our brother and sister workers both here in the U.S. and around the globe. Having built our movement through the sacrifices of others you must help to make it possible for others to gain the benefit of union membership."

Way to go! Congrats to all the graduates and way to go Edwards for providing the commencement speech, not get out on the campaign trail for Obama, we need every vote!!

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