AFT Pissed Over Anti-Teacher Event  

So, Ed Week is even reporting on the RIDICULOUS event Fenty and Rhee attended in Denver:

It was a cheap shot,” Weingarten told me today, after a joint AFT-National Education Association luncheon honoring woman governors wrapped up. She added that union members weren’t even invited to join the conversation. By contrast, she pointed out that two rising Democratic stars—Govs. Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas and Janet Napolitano of Arizona—used their speeches at today’s luncheon to talk about the importance of partnerships between policymakers and teachers and their unions.

“This was a couple of mayors, and I very much appreciate their efforts. But they’re tearing down the people who they need to lift up,” Weingarten said.

I wish she could mention this in her speech, but I'm also hoping she doesn't. I'd rather simply replace Fenty when he decides to run for re-election.

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