Cintas Buys Former Union Organizer, J. Jason  

I know, this is old news, but there's a nice youtube video up on the hearing and his testimony.

Listen to the laughing after he states his salary. From the Youtube info section on the above video:

At the hearing by the House Education and Labor subcommittee on health, employment, labor and pensions, Jen Jason, a former organizer for the unaffiliated UNITE HERE union, trashed unions and their members, while claiming to be a proponent of social justice.

What Jason didn't say was that he left his union to work for a company whose workers he was trying to organize. To the tune of $222,000 a year.

Why can't I sell out my fellow brothers and sisters for this kind of money? Oh, wait, it's because I have a conscience.

This video from Teamsterpower has amazing comments on it:

reyesregina78 (3 months ago)
the nightmare is not only in the states, you have to see how much the people in the plant make in Honduras...not even $1.00


Cintas is a horrible corporation to work for...belive me, I know!! The phrase, "your fired" comes everyday to hundreds of people!

I'm so proud we got the Employee Free Choice Act included in the DC Democratic State Committee Platform!! Maybe we can end employment practices like these.

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