Norma Rae Has Brain Cancer and YOU Can Help  

DCLabor sent a note out this morning about Crystal Lee Sutton, a woman better known as Norma Rae:

LABOR UPDATES: Helping Norma Rae: Crystal Lee Sutton – the woman whom the movie "Norma Rae" was based on – is fighting for her life. Ill with meningioma (a brain tumor), her health insurance – which initially denied her coverage – covers so little that her husband must work two jobs to help pay her medical bills. "Crystal's long been a heroine to many of us in the labor movement," says Community Services Agency Executive Director Kathleen McKirchy, "CSA is proud to help coordinate metro-area support for the real 'Norma Rae'" To contribute to the Crystal Lee Sutton Foundation, click here now and be sure to put "Norma Rae" under Designation.

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