Adrianisms and Teachers  

So, Mr. Accountability has hatcheted Child and Family Services, Housing Inspectors and oh,yeah, DC Public Schools. Take this recent WJLA report:

McKinley's not alone. ABC 7/NewsChannel 8 visited Thurgood Marshall Elementary School last week and found classes with only substitute teachers. One classroom with a permanent teacher had 46 students.

Apparently, I qualify to be a substitute teacher in DC, that isn't a good thing. I don't have the technical knowledge (no matter how good at math I am, and I am) of what it takes to be a teacher. It's not just the subject, it's how you teach. Apparently, Mr. Accountability and his side kick, Chancellor Rhee, see nothing wrong with understaffing and putting in non-union substitutes to fill those gaps, gaps they created this summer when they fired 270 teachers for not having their certification. How many substitutes are certified?

This just reminds me of a lock out. Perhaps families at McKinley Tech should weigh in on this:

After millions of dollars in renovations, some parents claim McKinley Tech High School still suffers a critical shortage of teachers.

"We asked what's going on, why there's no teachers," said Monica Lowe. "They made false promises."

Her son is a junior at McKinley. After weeks of school, his Algebra II/Trigonometry class is on its second substitute teacher, she says.

"Parent-teacher conference is next Friday, October the third, Mr. Ford, and we have yet to receive a teacher," Lowe told ABC 7/NewsChannel 8 reporter Sam Ford Friday.

No Algebra II teacher? What kind of school system are you running here? Oh wait, Mr Anti-union Michael Brown can probably lend a hand with destroying the schools and getting rid of the dastardly union in support of substitutes, he's just about suggested such in his campaign lit. I suppose he's just another little Adrian. Kind of sad, really.

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