In DC, Anti-Labor Candidates Come in Orange  

And by Orange, I mean, Vincent Orange.

Same guy who said this:

"We shouldn't force people to have to join a union," Orange said. "This is not in the best interests of the city."

So, it should come as no surprise that this bastion of Worker Hate won a seat yesterday to the Democratic National Committee. Mr. Anti-Union himself, Vincent Orange, is now the National Committeeman representing the District of Columbia for the next 4 fucking years. And this with labor folks at the polls working on behalf of labor candidates.

Nice, huh?

But hey, don't take my word for it, or hell, even Vincent's, take a look at his campaign material

That's Vincent Orange and his poster in Chinatown at H street.

Take a closer look:
It's missing a BUG. Yep, a union-bug.

So the worker hating Vincent Orange will now represent the union city of Washington DC. But this is the kind of stuff you get when you vote for the same old names, which DCist pointed out prior to the election when they called out Anita Bonds and her ilk:

Bonds' group, Obama for Change, in a bit of purposeful irony, is actually the slate offering the least amount of change. She's running with colorful former D.C. Council member Vincent Orange and a handful of other longtime Ward activists (people like Don Dinan, Dave Donaldson and Jan Eichhorn) on their collective "extensive track record of accomplishments." This track record includes how the committee ended up in financial trouble a little under two years ago.

So, as I sit here and type up this post, I'm brought back to something Joe (Joe's UnionReview) and Richard (UnionReview) said to me...Who Fucking uses Non-Union Printshops for Democratic Lit? Who are these fucking people? (Okay, actually, I think it was just Joe).

pst, Joe, the answer is...Vincent Orange and apparently, also Anita Bonds, the chair of the DCDSC. The two go hand in hand. I'm so glad he's not our mayor, and I'm not a Fenty fan!! Orange makes Fenty look like a union activist and friend of workers. I really didn't think I'd write those words next to Fenty's name!

Next up for the DCDSC, officer elections AND election of ex-officio spots. Wonder how Bonds will shape up as a candidate for chair this time out. But even more importantly, I'm wondering how many unionist will be seated on this committee. You know as a counter balance to the Wingnut-d'jour, Vincent Orange.

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