Thank You, IBEW  

Okay, I'm assuming here that these were IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers).

My hometown was hit pretty bad by Ike. Not the rains like down in Texas, but wind. The wind knocked out over 300,000 folks in Northeastern Ohio. For my hometown of about 15k, that really was just about everyone. Driving through town, lights were out, the YMCA, street lamps, stop lights and even The Swedish Pastry Shop (which makes the best nisua in town).

So, powerline guys from Maryland, Ohio (Akron area) and Vermont have been kicking ass and taking names as they've been getting everyone back up and running.

So, the house now has power again, and when my mom went into work this morning, she was able to take the order of 13 Vermonters who were enjoying breakfast at Perkins. So, if any of you Vermonters working on the powerlines also happened to be reading this blog and ate at Perkins, let me just say, Thanks. Not only did you do an amazing job with the power lines, but you made my mom's days so much brighter by tipping like you mean it!!

Oh, hell, you guys totally rock!!

BTW, our own powerline guys ahd been dispatched to Texas and Louisiana to help out down there, so Maryland, Vermont and the newly returned Akron guys, let me just say it again, you totally ROCK!!

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