Are U in the DC Metro Area Tonight?  

Tonight kicks off the DC Labor Filmfest, and I'm not the only blogger who cares!!

FILMFEST GETS BLOGGED: In a first for the DC Labor FilmFest, Indie Express will be blogging on the 8-year-old film festival. Indie Express is an online film community dedicated to the exploration of the independent filmmaker and the development of the independent film audience. “We are traveling across the nation (and the globe),” says Indie Express, “attending a wide spectrum of film festivals, reviewing films, interviewing filmmakers, festival programmers, producers and celebrities, and getting an in-depth look at the festival circuit."

Tonight's line up are Stop Loss and Promotion

(10/6/08) Local labor, peace and veteran activists are organizing around next week's DC Labor FilmFest Opening Night screening of Stop-Loss. Working to "Build bridges between the labor, peace, veterans and public health" movements, more than a dozen groups are organizing an "Activists' Night Out: Dinner, A Movie and Political Discussion" at the October 9 FilmFest screening of Kimberly Peirce's film about a soldier (Ryan Phillippe) fighting the involuntary extension of his active duty in Iraq. The evening's plans include meeting for dinner at Mi Rancho Restaurant in Silver Spring starting at 5P, attending the 7P screening and an after-film discussion in the AFI's café. For details, email Denice Lombard at or order tickets online. Click here for further information on the Filmfest.

THE PROMOTION (Directed by Steve Conrad; 2008, US, 85m)
You can’t always get what you want…A low-key comedy about the high-stakes battle for a better job. Doug Stauber (Seann William Scott) is a shoe-in to be manager at the new Donaldson’s grocery store until jovial Canadian Richard Welhner (Richard C. Reilly) rides into town. Naive yet ambitious, Richard listens to motivational tapes on his way to work, but fails miserably during a bonding exercise at a work retreat. Doug, on the other hand, is disgruntled, insecure and needs the promotion to pay for his wife’s expensive dream home. The two men, both essentially nice guys, are forced to compete ruthlessly for the coveted position, goaded into betraying themselves by engaging in dirty tricks in a comedic head-to-head battle of wills.
Thursday, October 9, 9:40P (AFI); Saturday, October 11, 9P (AFI)

You can order tickets on line!!

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