Kiss FM Calls Out Local 18's Ridiculous Endorsement  

Local 18's endorsement was not open to the public. Kiss FM broke that story?

The Republican presidential nominee also received the endorsement of the Operating Engineers’ Local 18.

McCain’s campaign events were not open to the public, only to those who've been invited.

So, local 18's members who might not have supported this travesty, likely also
didn't get invited to it. Sweet. I suppose this is Sink's idea of "leadership,"
to hell with the membership.

Oh, and before I forget, the local Public Radio station WCPN noted this:

Pat Sink is the local union’s business officer.

SINK:"We have to take into consideration one thing—and that’s jobs, and the economy of our membership… We’ve been in contact with the McCain platform, and I’ll have to announce, I’d be proud to announce that today, local 18 does endorse fully the McCain/Palin platform.”

But while the IUOE is supporting McCain, the National union has endorsed Obama, and a spokesman says Sink was among those who voted unamimously to do so. A call to Sink seeking comment was not returned.”

The IUOE supports Obama, votes for Obama and Pat Sink wa a member of the voting body that gave it's unanimous consent.

I suppose, Pat Sink, is a liar here in his endorsement. And I have to wonder, who in the local was polled for this endorsement? Who in the membership was given the chance to attend the event, and how were the members NOT in agreement with Pat handled?

Local 18, don't you think it's time for Pat to hit the road?

Oh, yeah, and hey, Pat, have you noticed that your members' pay would be taxed under a McCain health care initiative as Payroll AND Income? And, oh yeah, they'd use the $5k to buy health care benefits worse than what they currently have, or does this local not bother to bargain for health care benefits?

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