Scott Kleeb Answers Worker Questions  

Scott Kleeb is heading across Nebraska in his truck, talking to Nebraskans about the issues and on his way, he talked about outsourcing jobs with a voter in Ord:

During the primary, UnionNews talked to Kleeb about his positions on workers, this was my favorite part:

Kleeb’s campaign has energized Nebraska Democrats – many of whom resent that Raimondo is running in their primary. The state AFL-CIO has endorsed Kleeb because he supports the Employee Free Choice Act, and probably because of Raimondo’s labor record. “Unions have been a strong force for the middle class in stopping stagnant wages,” said Kleeb, “pushing for retirement health, and a strong voice for education.

Yep, Scott, well said, very well said.

If you're in Nebraska, look for Scott and sign the truck.

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