Are You Planning to Buy Prada , Mulberry, Louis Vuitton and Nicole Farhi this Holiday?  

If you're planning to buy leather items from the companies above, know that you're supporting the exploitation of workers.

I doubt if many of you regularly buy leather goods sold by Prada, Louis
Vuitton, Mulberry and Nicole Farhi. These are luxury brands, priced too
high for ordinary working people like us.

But the people who make those products are often low-paid, non-union
workers. When those workers stand up and fight for their rights, it's
our responsibility to stand with them.

Earlier this year, hundreds of workers at the Turkish leather
manufacturer DESA -- which produces for all the luxury brands mentioned
above -- joined a union. The reaction of the company was fierce: 44
union members were sacked, and 50 more compelled to quit the union.

Nevertheless, the workers have stood firm, holding daily protests
outside the factory. Local police have been called in to arrest them,
and bribes offered to union leaders to call off the demonstrations.
Families have been threatened.

Workers at DESA need a union urgently. They complain of poverty wages,
long hours and terrible health and safety conditions.

Please take a moment to send off a message to DESA's customers -- the
luxury fashion brands -- telling them that you support the DESA workers
in their struggle:

Tell them that a union is right, not a luxury.

Thanks - and spread the word!

Eric Lee

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  • xysea  
    4:10 PM

    Nothing cheeses me off quite like this type of garbage. I think the boycott is the least we can do.

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