To My Brothers and Sisters at UFW  

It's that time of year, holiday time. Lots of parties will take place over the next several weeks, so how about looking for union made spirits for those parties?

This was a bad year for those that tend to grapes to make wine in
California. Five known heat related deaths including an 17 year old girl
that was expecting. After reading about her, I switched to only UFW
approved wines.

Memorial Service for 17-Year-Old Farm Worker; First Heat-Related Death this Year.

UFW's own Black Eagle was served at the Democratic Convention with great pride.

The United Farm Workers has launched selling wine produced under UFW contract by farm workers who have decent wages, health care and a pension. The proceeds support the UFW's organizing.

The rest of the approved wine list is available on United Farm Workers site.

Chateau Ste. Michelle
Columbia Crest
Saddle Mountain
Farron Ridge
North Star
St. Supery
Dollarhide Ranch
Scheid Vineyards Inc.
Charles Krug
C.K. Mondavi
C.R. Cellars

You can also serve UFW veggies etc...

So, this holiday season, support the efforts of the United Farm Workers and ensure that farm workers have health care and pensions and are treated fairly. They work hard and should be able to raise families on the wages they earn.

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  • xysea  
    9:38 AM

    aww. this is so sad. i know that those who are unprotected by even basic (sorry) labor laws have it so much worse than those of us who are. it's horrible. :(

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