The Sheet Metal Workers' International Association  

There's a new presence on the web, and it rocks!!!

The Sheet Metal Workers have released their new website. I especially love the pics that scroll through when you first open the page of Sheet Metal Workers at Work. What a novel idea, showing workers at work. Think Congress will pay attention to that? That workers represented by unions actually, WORK?

I also especially love the Multimedia Resource Center:

Our growing collection of SMWIA news, videos, publications, podcasts and images are available here to keep SMWIA members and the general public up to date on what is happening in our union.

Explore our collection of material to find out what is happening within one of North America's fastest growing and most progressive labor unions.

They have some cool videos there and they're even on Twitter!

Okay, so the only thing I don't like is how many clicks it takes to find their list of blogs that are allies in the labor movement. Okay, I'm listed and love that, but too many clicks.

It's hard to deploy a website and everyone's a critic, but all in all, it's really a very nice site and I hope you head over there and take a look.

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