UAW WORKERS Meet on Capitol Hill  

Mostly, watch and listen at 4:11.

The UAW worker speaking is from American Axle and the staffers at the table have never heard of American Axle. NEVER HEARD OF IT. Why is that important? An 11 week strike this past winter.

How can we expect the Republican Senators to be able to pull their heads out of their asses if their staffers can't even keep up on an 11 week strike that SHUT DOWN GM plants all over the country, in Mexico and also hit Canadian autoworkers? Are these rely the people who should be making policy about how and if money should be loaned to manufacturing in this country?

Idiots and asshats. Because of them, there's no money out there in the form of a LOAN for the auto industry!!

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  • Steven  
    9:12 PM

    Nice vid. All over the media, "$72 an hour, greedy bastards" Gotta wonder if the media outlets are owned by republican supporters...oh wait they ARE. I see.

  • The Union Girl  
    9:57 PM

    supporters, dude, they are the owners of the media. And oh, they so suck. Lies, Lies, Lies...I'm just so sick of it, because it's based on laziness and ineptitude and not checking the facts. It's so ridiculous.

  • Steven  
    11:15 AM

    Come on now, in all fairness, I've heard the term "liberal media" like a thousand times...and if they (the media) say it enough then it automatically because fact. Lol. What a joke, Fair and Balanced.

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