Did You Think That The United Electrical Workers Were Just Going Away? Think Again!!  

What's it look like when a union kicks ass, takes names and stands up with its membership? It looks like the United Electrical Workers, the small union that could (yeah, kind of like the little engine). Here's the latest, unfortunately, it's AP with the story:

United Electrical Workers says it has filed documents with the National Labor Relations Board alleging Republic Windows and Doors violated labor law by hastily removing machinery from the plant as it closed.

And why exactly is the union taking this action? What can they possibly think they'd get out of this?

Union spokeswoman Leah Fried says the filing seeks the return of the equipment in hopes the plant could one day reopen.

On a different note. I'll be announcing the entertainment for The People's Ball later today. When I announce it, prices are likely to also go up (that's a hint to get your tickets NOW). So, if you're hedging, don't wait to long, especially if you like old school hip-hop, Friday should be slammin!

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  • Jimmy Higgins  
    3:22 PM

    Damn right, Union Gal. Looks like they may reopen soon, under new management, as the folk saying hath it. Paste in www(dot)suntimes(dot)com/business/1377920,republic-windowsdoors-reopen-011409.article

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