I'm Filing This One In the Circular File  

I opened my e-mail to find this little ditty...

Dear friend:

Four years ago, I asked for your support as we kicked off my mayoral campaign. (Yeah, you even came to my house and talked to my neighbors) With your support, we won a resounding victory and have begun to make the District the world class city we know it can be. (Wasn't much of a choice now, was there?) Now just a few days before our 1st finance filing of this campaign, I'm asking you to support me again by making a contribution online (I'd rather eat my left breast) at http://no,Iwon'tprovidethelink.com.

We're at 87% of our January 31st fundraising goal, so your immediate online contribution is critical. Let's show everyone how excited DC is about the work that we have done (and now, maybe I'll eat the right breast). Contribute now at http://no,Iwon'tprovidethelink.com.

Please feel free to forward this to your friends and encourage to give now. (Look I am, I'm recommending they keep their money and give it to your opponent, I've got my fingers crossed that you get an opponent) Thank you for your continued support. (Clearly, you don't read my blog Mayor, nor do your cronies. After all, I'm just one of the little people, so why bother? That seems to sum you up to me...why bother with the little people.)

Adrian M. Fenty
Mayor, Washington, DC

Yeah, the bold comments are mine. It's just what I thought as I grabbed the garbage can to hurl into it while reading his garbage. Can't wait to see his next appeal.

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