Rachel Got it Wrong  

There are lots of ways of describing what I feel or think, but until I saw Joe Biden take the oath, nothing seemed real to me. It was surreal.

So, let me start with Monday night, January 19th.

I was up, watching Rachel Maddow's show, cheering and feeling so uplifted, it's really not a feeling I can put into words. As I watched her show, she rounded out the night with a piece on Inaugural events and as I sat, spellbound, she displayed the website I'd worked on for the last 2 months for our Inaugural events January 16th, 17th and 18th. No, I'm not kidding!! What a rush.

We'd announced it as the People's Inaugural when we obtained the facility, a week before the election. We wanted the facility because of its beauty and style, and we'd hoped at the time that it would be for an Obama inauguration. Kind of risky on our part, but we're activists, we're sort of a risky kind of folk.

So, as I sat, spellbound watching Rachel Maddow's show, she starts talking about The People's Inaugural Ball. Only, she's talking about another event, not the one I worked on.

See, the thing is, she's showing our site. In the screen, you see our website. We'd disabled the other ball pages, and the only one still up at the time is the Gayla. So, there on the screen is info about our entertainment, The Annie Minogue Band and our DJs and of course Joe L. Da Vessel and of course our Thanks to our sponsors and their links. And all the while, Rachel is talking about an event some multimillionaire philanthropist is throwing. Only, it's not The People's Inaugural, he's calling it that in all his press stuff (and oh did he get press), but she's showing our site.

And that was Monday. I'm elated to see our site, and a little miffed that she's talking about some random millionaire throwing a ball (and it's a nice gesture on his part) while we were trying to raise awareness and funding for the DC Statehood Fund and DC voting rights. It was just kind of an odd let down. Sure would be nice if they had us on there to talk about our events and what we were trying to do and maybe even one of our acts like Joe L. Da Vessel or the Annie Minogue Band or even WMD (from Saturday). I know, I'm hoping for too much, but isn't Hope and Change what this weekend's been all about? So, I'm hoping they'll change the story and talk about DC voting rights. Hope and Change, I'm totally on board for that!!

Now, I'll post thoughts on January 20th later tonight. And yeah, I'll even link you to my pictures, I promise!!

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