Tony Soprano's Benefit Plan?  

Did you hear Rush the other day spewing on about workers rights with his drug addled mind, saying:

"One day, Tony Soprano will walk in with a lead pipe and he will start beating people upside the head to vote to unionize."

Walk in where? Rush's studio? I can just picture this:

Tony Soprano heads in with a lead pipe to beat some heads in to make it possible for Rush's staff to (cough)come together for better pay, benefits and to have a voice in their own workplace. Of course, Tony Soprano wouldn't be doing the head bashing, after all, he didn't exactly have the best benefit plan, unless of course you think a benefit plan should include death.

Nice one Rush. You really should seek some additional drug counseling. Seems to have eaten away some additional brain cells recently. You should get that looked at.

Picture was found on a library blog site.

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