Santa Monica Teabaggers  

What's interesting is at 2:32, you learn that Cleo and Margarito were paid to hold signs and at 2:41 some ass starts talking about how they are out there, not getting paid to protest:

...we're not union organizers

Here's a funny thing about that, I've NEVER been paid to hold a sign at a protest. Not by a union, not by a protest group, not by anyone, ever. Hell, I've even picketed as strike support, again, without pay. I know, reality won't change his opinion. It's not like some folks haven't been paid in the past for small scale protests, they have, but when those protests happened, they weren't inspired by a Faux News Network, bent on inspiring fear, hate and Oh, No, SOCIALISM.

Good thing I have a day off today so that I can catch up on all this ridiculousness. Honestly, it does a heart good to know that crazies are really out there. And here I thought they'd figured out they lost. But then again, I doubt they were in the Silver Section for the Inaugural, the way I was. I suppose this just gives me a bit more perspective, huh?

There's a diary up on Dailykos about this event. Really good stuff in there.

And on a different note, JR Monsterfodder from The Writing at the Wal has another post up on Daiykos as well about UFCW organizing Wal-Mart. Highly recommend the read.

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