Why Do We Need The Employee Free Choice Act?  

Perhaps, you can figure out the why, if you hear it from someone who needs a union and isn't able now to organize one because of fear of job loss:

The problem is simple - I'm at an impasse. On one hand, I stand to gain a formidable amount from unionization. However, at the same time, I can relate horror stories from previous employees who attempted to unionize this very company - and were fired for it. I wouldn't put a mass-layoff past this company if the shit goes and hits the fan with this, and I, rather unfortunately, need this job about as much as I need oxygen to survive - ergo the dilemma.

Now, it goes without saying that my mere presence on DailyKos, along with the content of the bulk of this post, surmises nicely my feelings on why the Unions are win. However, for those pressing for Unionization in the current political climate, one can begin to rapidly see just how much we frickin' need the Employee Free Choice Act passed.

The front lines on this bill aren't merely the Wal-Marts and Home Depots of this country, throwing enough cash that could keep their employees set for life at lobbying against it just so they can continue to not provide healthcare, abuse their employees, and provide poor wages and hours, but at a far more local level, with smaller companies willing to coerce, intimidate, and fire employees just to keep their costs down.

Highly recommend you head over to Dailykos and read the entire diary.

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