American Red Cross = Wal-Mart? Say it isn't so!!  

Okay, probably not exactly that bad, but I found a new piece in the Metro-city daily e-mail that really caught my attention.

AMERICAN RED CROSS RALLY TODAY: Workers and labor allies are rallying outside the American Red Cross headquarters in downtown DC today to support workers who are “engaged in struggles across the country at facilities of the American Red Cross,” reports AFL-CIO President John Sweeney. “The American Red Cross has taken an increasingly hostile attitude at the bargaining table and in resisting union organizing drives. This would be deplorable under any circumstances but is particularly so given the historically close relationship the AFL-CIO has had with the American Red Cross and the significant assistance that union members give in blood drives and disaster assistance,” adds Sweeney.

The rally is part of a national day of action organized by the Coalition of American Red Cross Unions.

So, if you're free today at noon, May 29th, head over to:

2025 E Street NW

If you'd like to know how else you can help, drop a line to 202-285- 6692.

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