Waiting for the Great Leap Forwards  

I am a Socialist.

Should come as no shock to anyone reading this site.

I grew up in a very leftist town. Probably had to do with the influx of Finns from the 1800's through mid 1950'. Finns are a bit leftist, or so you might think if you watch Fox News. In fact, if you watch that station, you might think that people like me, hard working folks who believe that Government has a responsibility to its citizens, that no one should go hungry, the mentally ill should be cared for, that children should have access to good schools and we all should have health care, etc... Well, if you watched that station, you just might think I'm the boogyman or some such thing.

Take the Ed Show. They looked at the use of the word Socialist (and it's derivations) and made it the Psycho of the day, and I have to agree.

You see. I'm of the mind that I live in the United States of America and that guarantees me certain freedoms, including the freedom of speech or in this case, thought.

I have the right to actually THINK about what I want from government and then, I also have the opportunity to push for those things that I want. Like how I want my daughter to be able to go to college and get a Master's Degree. In Finland, she could do that.

How can a small, affluent country such as Finland maintain a high-wage, high-skill economy? It can't compete with the low-cost economies of Asia, so it must, as a matter of economic survival, invest heavily in education and training.

"In Finland, we believe we have to invest in education, in research and in higher education.

"Education can pioneer new areas for jobs. We always need new skills for the labour force - so it means that we have to keep investing."

I know it's a boogeyman to distract from the real conversation that needs to happen about education or health care. Fear mongering has worked for Republicans in the past by labeling opponents as "liberal" but that's lost all it's negative meaning now. So, they find themselves looking for a new name to use to deride. They've come to Socialist. Wonder if they'll do the same concern trolling that Nixon did in the 60's when he claimed that an opponent was pink (as in Socialist Pink and Commie Red) down to her panties. BTW, I do wear pink panties and sometimes, leopard print, too. I know, I'm dangerous, thoughts are you know, dangerous.

So, here's my suggestion to all the Psycho talkers claiming that moderates are Socialists. I respectfully suggest that we take the money from our missiles and put it toward health care and education.

And now for a musical interlude:

Oh, and Congresswoman Bachmann,TV entertainment personality Beck, and all the others, um, HELLO! If you're so scared of folks like me, perhaps you might benefit from a trip to Finland. They're Socialist and according to you two, we should be very very scared. Me, not so much. I'm hoping to take my daughter next year to see family that still lives there. Hey all you Paananens from Viitasaari, you got a cousin right here!! Hauska tutustua!

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