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I got this message today and wanted to share:

Dear friend or past customer of Northland,

Thank you for your support for Northland Poster Collective over the years. Northland has now officially closed its doors after thirty years of supporting organizing, movement building and educational mischief through art. It is sad to see the end of such a long-lasting and well-loved institution but the fact of its existence feels like a victory (as is the length of its survival and its continued ability to attract young people).

To find any of the ongoing projects spawned by Northland, look at historical images or comment in the blog (many have registered, no one has yet dared make the first entry), go to the Northland Legacy web site at

If you wish to receive news from my new studio (I have been a main artist at Northland) or to be notified when my commerce-enabled website opens, please sign up at Ricardo Levins Morales.

Thank you and be well,

Ricardo Levins Morales
Northland Poster Collective
PO Box 7096
Minneapolis, MN 55407
(800) 627-3082

Right now, I'm sitting in my hotel room at Netroots Nation in Pittsburgh, sad that I'm too tired to head to PNC Stadium for batting practice with AAM. I think the mill tour yesterday and all the walking around, well, I'm just plain tired. So, here I am, in my room, wearing a Northland T-Shirt, one of my favorites. It's a picture of a school of fish following one huge fish. The school of fish are in the shape of a bigger fish trying to eat the big fish, collectively. Underneath, it says, ORGANIZE. I agree, when we're organized, together, we can do anything.

Right now, I'm ready to collectively do anything, apparently, just not batting practice at PNC!

If you're at Netroots Nation, hit me up!! Pst, it's Bendygirl!!

Goodbye Northland. You are already missed.

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  • David Diano  
    2:37 AM

    To Uniongal-
    Glad to hear you like Harris in Pittsburgh. I'm doing some voter database work for him, so it's good to hear I'm supporting a good candidate.

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