Of Picket Lines and Airline Deals  

I'm planning a trip for this April for my parents and for my kid who is graduating from High School. Ugh, I'm so old!!

So, I open my e-mail and what do I see?

American Airlines

Winter Flight Deals!

Book now and save on travel into 2010! Great destinations like Chicago, Las Vegas, New Orleans and more are on sale with fares starting as low as $58* each way.

Hurry, purchase your tickets by November 23, 2009, for travel December 2, 2009, through March 10, 2010.

Most excellent except for one small tiny little itty bitty thing...

United Airlines flight attendant members of the Association of Flight
Attendants-CWA, AFL-CIO (AFA-CWA) will join members of the Association of Professional Flight Attendants (APFA) at American Airlines on the picket line at airports around the country tomorrow. While American Flight Attendants conduct a mock strike and walk the picket line,

Flight Attendants will join them in solidarity for a fair Contract and coordinated efforts to lift the standard for Flight Attendants across the industry.

Now, American Airlines, did you think you were going to get that one past me? Tease me with a great looking deal, only to piss on the workers who will be protecting my ass in the sky? Well, American Airlines, I think not!

So, get to the table and hammer out a fair deal. Psst, and a fair deal doesn't look like the kind of crap the the likes of Dick E. Dauch pulled when he sank American Axle into a hole, took millions from the company in pay days, asked workers for 60% pay cuts and left them out their on the picket lines for 11 weeks. Fairpay for CEO's should be measured based on what the lowest paid workers under you make.

So, for anyone taking a flight tomorrow on American, perhaps, you can reconsider. And thanks for the fabulous deals American, but no thanks. I don't live in Wal-Merica, I live in the United States of America. So, take that deal... what, I have to paint you a picture?

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