FAA is About Workers  

There's a difference between fighting for Workers rights and fighting for unions. Mostly, for me, it's about expanding the middle class through increasing the advantages to those struggling to rise to a higher standard of living. Fighting for unions, is about fighting for the structures that makes these gains possible. I'm probably splitting hairs here, but it's my blog and I'll split them if I want. So, today, in Congress, there will be a vote on the FAA re-authorization. And, Democrats and REpublicans are selling workers out for the profits and advantages of the top 1% of this country, again. So here's what is about to pass (from talking points memo)

Democrats and Republicans have been unable to pass a long-term reauthorization because Republicans insisted it include a provision that would change mediation rules such that workers who abstained from unionization votes would be counted as if they’d voted “no.” Democrats held their ground, and the provision was stripped. However, what went in was this: a new union-busting measure would make it harder for workers to trigger a union election by increasing the percentage of workers who must declare interest in unionizing from 35 to 50.
If jobs are the agenda, then workers need to be paramount to that agenda. We can't continue to have wages decrease for the profit margins of the top 1% or their companies. Limiting workers ability to unionize, to work together for better working conditions or pay, Congress further enhances the division between the middle class and the top 1%. It's not fair to the middle class and it's not fair to workers. Now, I'll get back to work from my lovely 15 minute break, afforded me by my bargaining unit rules.

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