EFCA and the Democratic Debate  

Did you watch it? You know, the debate.

Well, I did. Recorded it to view again later even.

I loved the new format, especially Tavis Smiley. Although I am unhappy with Smiley's decision to have a partisan hack give his thoughts on the debate, I was thrilled that there were better questions, more questions and a more even amount of time per candidate. I learned a great deal more about each candidate.

But what surprised me about this debate is that the first person to bring up EFCA was Governor Richardson. The guy trying to sell himself as the labor candidate, Mr. Edwards, failed to mention it and rarely went off his talking points through out the debate.

I do hope that Mr. Smiley will understand what is wrong with a partisan hack analyzing anything in relation to a Democratic debate. Perhaps it would be easier to tell Mr. Smiley that it would be similar to say me analyzing the Republican debates. Honestly, do you really think I could give you any insight into the Republican mind? Me? Seriously? Well, that's how I see Republican Hacks analyzing Dem candidates. It really just doesn't make any sense.

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